The Loads that Breaks you are the Loads that Makes you

The loads that Breaks you are the loads that makes you. We often complain about the inequities of life until we let ourselves become consumed by the loads we carry. In the quest of solutions towards every problems we encounter and our desire to feed our comfort zones, we tend to live each day in hectic and stressful pursuits. Our desires are then driven by our emotions until our lives becomes a race than can never be won. We put much effort over the challenges we face that we become burnt-out at the end of every day because we see  these challenges more as problems that needs some concrete solutions rather than choosing to look at the brighter side of life. If we can only change our perspectives and see these circumstances as opportunities to grow and mature over life’s battles, this life will be a rewarding journey to take. Indeed, it is not the loads that breaks the human heart but the way he sees them with grace and gratefulness.

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