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Our Journey

Byahiloilo is a team of aspiring individuals whose main goal is to inspire travelers, wanderers and those who continually seek their purpose to this journey we call life. We also aim to showcase the beauty of life and of the world through our photos and short stories, write ups, videos and the like. The term Byahiloilo is coined from two words: “byahi” which is synonymous to “travel” and/or “journey” and “Iloilo” which is the name of our beloved hometown.

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Our "Byahi" Blogs

With individual differences comes different life experiences, views and perspectives. Each one of us carries our own burden, fights our own battle, and has our own struggle to overcome. We all put our shoes on everyday and lift our packs to follow the road towards the path we choose to take. At the end of each day, we all have our own stories to tell. . . stories about change, love, hurt, pain, frustration, success, maturity, growth and all other life turning points. All of which are intricately detailed through the membranes of our soul. Insights is about everything that concerns life views and perspectives. The author wishes to include writings and photos  based on  life stories and experiences. It may also include the authors’ insights as well as some life lessons encountered in her travels as she journey to life day by day.  May you be inspired to follow your path as you shape your own journey to life. “Live, experience, learn and grow. Atrévase a existir!”

Godmother – A Privilege of a Lifetime

Godmother. Not everybody in the world gets the chance to be chosen as a child’s godmother… And not all godmothers are given the chance to take care of their...
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The Loads that Breaks you are the Loads that Makes you

The loads that Breaks you are the loads that makes you. We often complain about the inequities of life until we let ourselves become consumed by the loads we...
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CHILDREN- The Heart of Christmas

Children do love the fun and enjoyment of Christmas parties. They like receiving gifts and savoring the flavor of sweet treats as they dance and play with their friends....
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We have just celebrated yet another year of God’s abundant love by commemorating the birth of his Only Son Jesus Christ. Let us all keep alive in our hearts...
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Seek and you will find.

When looking forward tires you with the uncertainties of this mundane life, look up and know that the God of comfort and peace is there waiting for you to...
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“Sikad” Drivers’ Life

Just like any other typical “sikad” driver, this “manong” wakes up earlier than the sunrise everyday in order to keep a regular income for food and whatever necessities life...
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