Byahiloilo is a team of aspiring individuals whose main goal is to inspire travelers, wanderers and those who continually seek their purpose to this journey we call life. We also aim to showcase the beauty of life and of the world through our photos and short stories, write ups, videos and the like. The term Byahiloilo is coined from two words: “byahi” which is synonymous to “travel” and/or “journey” and “Iloilo” which is the name of our beloved hometown. Because of which you will expect that most of the posts we showcase here are in Iloilo City setting. We used the term “byahi” because we believe that each of us has our own “byahi” (journey) in life. In whatever platform each of us is standing right now, only we ourselves understands our own “byahi”.

Furthermore, we aim to discover the world with all its facets which we will gladly share with you our every encounter.  This Blog Site is also your passport towards getting-to-know our beloved hometown.  Take pleasure as we share and dive you into the priceless sights and sounds of the Philippines and the world. We aim to help you discover your  dream destinations as your  travel guide.

We started as a Professional Wedding Photography Company which is still of course one of our favorite hobby as of today.  Just this year, we finally completed our papers in our Software Development Company. Our site is yet to come out soon! Truly, God is the Greatest and master of all.


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